Jackson Sewing andAcademy

Jackson Sewing and Academy offers a complete line of clothing alterations and repairs to everything from casual wear to bridal and formal attire; from a basic child’s jacket zipper replacement to the customized, fitting of a bride’s wedding gown. Additional personal style services will be offered such as SuperCrease, pressing and steaming services and sales of personal, fitting products.  Sharing my extensive knowledge of clothing alterations and repairs through sewing lessons will be a core portion of the business.  Utilizing the business as a teaching model will give students the skills they will need to work in the alterations and repairs field.  Lessons will be one on one and customized to what the student chooses to learn. 
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Alterations and Repairs

Jackson Sewing offers a full line of clothing alterations and repairs;  from the simplest jean hole to custom altering of a man's suit. Simple pricing for reliable work.  Other companies nickel and dime customers for every inch more their sewing machine must stitch.  Basic pant hems for one price and the few specialty hems for a bit more is what my clients can count on.  Clients will not be asked to pay a higher price if they want the hem replaced that originally comes with a garment; or how I see it, they will not be charged more to have the job done the way it is supposed to be done. 
Bridal and Formal Wear
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Making your dress, 'YOUR' dress!

Bring your Wedding Gown to Jackson Sewing to have it custom altered to you.  All formal wear alterations and repairs are offered.  With bridal alterations, clients will be charged per the work needed, but they will not be gouged with outlandish costs for specialty work. 
Bridal customers will be charged per the complexity of a job, but the charge will be clear to the client and simple tasks, such as applying 3 buttons and loops for a bustle, will not cost the customer $120. 

Sewing Lessons

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When April was 21 she apprenticed under an awesome tailor known as "Duke the Tailor" in Wallaceburg, Ontario.  After learning his trade she purchased his business and sewing alterations and repairs has been supporting her ever since.
Understanding how this field of sewing has supported her over the years, April is eager to teach others desiring to learn.  Individuals with these skills are able to work for alteration businesses, retail clothing stores, bridal salons, or work for yourself out of your home.  Basic industrial sewing machine skills allows you to apply for jobs looking for 'sewing machine operators'.  

About April Jackson
April, Jackson, sewing, alterations, repairs, tailor, London, Ontario
April lives in London with her husband, Scott, and she has two children; Michael (20) and Rose (17). She purchased her first alteration sewing shop when she was 21 years of age and has been in the field in some way ever since.  Specialized sewing skills have been acquired over the years with employment for businesses in the bridal industry, drapery/window coverings field, and alterations.
The most valuable experience April has gained over the years is knowledge of what customers want; quality work, done on time, and pricing that is clear to the customer. 
The sewing skills April has acquired, in Alterations and Repairs,  has provided a source of income for her at every stage of her life.  She is eager to pass this knowledge on to others desiring to learn; giving them skills to support themselves and their families.

Alterations and Repairs

Bridal and Formal Wear
Sewing Lessons
  • Casual to Formal Wear
  • All Zipper Replacements/Repair
  • Supercrease®
  • Home Decore Sewing
  • Pressing and Steaming
  • Personal Clothing Care Items
  • Custom Bridal Alterations
  • Formal Wear Alterations
  • Gown Steaming
  • Crinolines and Undergarments Available


  • Sewing Lessons specific to Alterations and Repairs
  • One on One and Fully Customized
  • Basic Sewing Machine Operator Skills offered