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Alterations Specialist Online Course

          There is finally an extensive, customizable ONLINE course that will give you the skills you need to become an Alterations Specialist.

          Step-by-step videos provide easy-to-follow instructions for every alteration or repair you will need to work in the sewing industry.  Printable materials with easy-to-understand directions and images are available for each video, as well as other topics that will be beneficial to your career.

​          Have questions or need additional support while you learn? You will have 24-hour access to a Master Alternations Specialist.
          Whether you are looking for a new career path or to upgrade your skills, this online course will teach you everything you need to know to make a living as a Alterations Specialist.

  • Learn at your own pace with this online course.
  • Customize your learning to suit your goals.
  • Learn skills for a new career while you work full-time.
  • EARN while your learn. Do alterations for your family and friends while your learn.

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