​​  ​​Jackson Sewing and Academy

5-1329 Fuller St, London, Ontario


​​Alterations and Repairs

- Alterations and repairs for men's and women's casual and formal wear;

- Zipper replacements and repairs;

- Speciality hems for jeans and yoga/stretch wear;

- Jacket re-lining;

- Steaming and pressing of garments.

​Simple Pricing for Reliable Work!

Bridal and Formal Attire

- Custom alterations to wedding gowns (including bustles);

- Alterations to all women's formal wear;

- Steaming of wedding gowns and formal wear;

- Crinolines for sale.

No Outlandish Costs for Specialty Work!


          Supercrease® is the unique patented permanent creasing system used worldwide.  Dress pants, uniform pants, dress and uniform shirt sleeves all benefit from this time-saving service.

Sewing Lessons

          If you would like to learn to sew, and live in (or near) London, Ontario, April would love to teach you.​​

          Basic industrial sewing machine skills allows you to apply for jobs looking for 'sewing machine operators'.